Hi! I'm Amos.

I take photos

I also make things (mostly) for the web:

Image of pith.space site

Pith Redesign

Image showing section of TicTacToe UI

Ultimate TicTacToe + AI

A frame from final project film

City & Cinema Final Project

Jack & Jacksons logo

Jack & Jacksons

Sextet logo: a question mark


35mm film representing cinema

Films I've Seen

A vinyl record

What's Amos Listening to?

The logo for This is My Jam: the word jam

A Song a Day

A gramaphone

Pop Charts

The moon

Werewolf Watcher

About me

I'm and I like design, photography, filmmaking and programming. In my spare time, I sometimes make websites about myself, because quantifying my life brings me joy. When I'm not doing that, I'm probably watching a film or some TV show that I'm deeply invested in.

I'm currently studying at Brown, where I'm majoring in Computer Science and Slavic Studies. Aside from those, I hope to indulge in a bunch of other things (like history) during my time at university.

My first programming language was PHP, but quickly dropped it for Ruby, coupled with Sinatra or Ruby on Rails. Most recently, I've learned C#, Java and Python. You can see the old, older and oldest iterations of this website (I'd like to think that I've come a long way).

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